Lavender Oil for Anxiety

lavender essential oilAnxiety is the worst. It is so bad that merely thinking about the word anxiety can make us anxious. How many other feelings can you say that about? There are also so many things that can make us anxious: social situation, finances, and our jobs. Anxiety can cause a whole host of issues with our bodies as well. It can cause poor sleep, hair loss, overeating, and a number of other things.

There are many treatments for anxiety. Often, these treatments include some form of prescription. Unfortunately, some of these prescriptions can cause many adverse side effects, not the least of which can be feelings of confusion and not feeling like yourself. There is a more natural solution to mild anxiety. That solution is to use lavender.

A quick disclaimer. While lavender can be used to help anxiety, if you are suffering from severe and debilitating anxiety attacks, talk to your doctor immediately. This could be the sign of a more serious issue.

Lavender has a powerful way of helping to calm the body and mind, and there are several ways that you can use it to help with anxiety. One of the best uses for lavender to calm anxiety is as a form of aromatherapy. The benefit of aromatherapy is that you can keep a small jar of lavender oil on you at all times and simply open it up whenever you need.

Find a simple oil diffuser and add some lavender oil to it. Place the diffuser in any room and allow the lavender scent to fill the area. For best results, you should choose a location that is comfortable and relaxing to you. Sit quietly for ten minutes up to half an hour while you focus on breathing.

Scents have an amazing way of reminding us of past feelings and thoughts. By taking time every day to focus on quieting your mind while the lavender diffuses, you are able to create a powerful connection between the lavender and a sense of calmness. This helps enhance the natural effects of lavender and can help speed its ability to soothe sudden anxiety. By doing this routine, if you ever have a sudden welling of anxiousness, simply open up your bottle of lavender to trigger this feeling.

In addition to aromatherapy, a few drops of lavender can be added to a hot bath. Try adding some lavender to your lotion or shampoo as well. Not only does lavender promote hair and skin health, the scent will linger with you helping you to carry its calming effects with you.

You can add a few drops of lavender to any of your other essential oil mixes. Mix a few drops of lavender with a few drops of chamomile and an ounce of almond oil to create a soothing massage oil to help you sleep.

Lavender can provide a lot of help when it comes to dealing with anxiety. How do you use lavender to calm anxiety? Do you have any favorite things to add it to? Let us know in the comments.