Emotional Health and Essential Oils

The natural properties found in essential oils produce a soothing, uplifting effect on the mind and emotions. When an oil containing the optimum level of therapeutic constituents is diffused or applied topically, the result fosters a sense of emotional balance and well-being. Studies in Europe have found that pure therapeutic grade essential oils quickly stimulate the hypothalamus where the emotions are stored.

Essential Oils for Improved Emotional Wellness
When the aroma of essential oils is inhaled, the scent travels to the reticular system of the brain stem where emotions and memories are connected. This enables essential oils to improve emotional wellness in many ways. Those haunted by negative memories can use a cleansing blend, and in times of stress or mental fatigue a rejuvenating oil can remove emotional stressors and leave you feeling mentally invigorated. Other essential oils increase feelings of courage and determination when faced with life’s many challenges. Regardless of your emotional health, the therapeutic properties harnessed in essential oils can help you improve or regain an optimal state of emotional wellness.

Essential Oils and the Mind

Smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe—the emotional control centre—of the brain. From anxiety to tension, fatigue to stress, essential oils have long been appreciated for their uplifting, calming, and clarifying effects on emotional wellness. By diffusing essential oils or applying them topically to targeted areas of the body, therapeutic constituents re-establish balance where stress or mental discomfort has disrupted healthy emotional function.

To bring yourself into a state of emotional balance, consider using essential oils either by diffusing or applied topically.

Applying Essential Oils Topically to Help Balance the Mind

Essential oils can be applied through self massage. Here are some commonly used techniques for self-massage:

• Head Massage: Rub essential oils into the base of the skull, the crown of the head, or on the temples in a circular motion.

• Face Massage: Place a few drops of essential oils onto your hands and rub them together. Lightly cup your face in your hands; the warmth of your hands and aroma of the oils will aid in relaxation.

• Jaw Massage: Rub 1–2 drops of oil into the soft spot just below your ear lobe to release undue tension.

• Torso Massage: For a quick energy boost rub oils into the area above the kidneys.

• Foot Massage: There are many pressure points in the feet that correspond to other body systems. Rubbing the soles of the feet with essential oils is a great way to release tension.

All of the above techniques can assist to bring the body back into balance. These techniques are particularly effective in times when the body is experiencing stress.

There are Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils that can assist with Emotional Wellness

• Valor: An empowering combination of oils designed to enhance an individual’s internal resources.

• Peace & Calming: relieves tension and uplift the spirit.

• White Angelica: A calming and soothing blend that encourages feelings of protection and security.

• Harmony: Promotes physical and emotional well-being.

• Release: Facilitates the ability to release anger and frustration.

• Clarity: Promotes a clear mind and alertness.

• Gratitude: Designed to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, and bring relief to the body.

• Trauma Life: Formulated to help release buried emotional trauma.

• Feelings Collection: Features six essential oil blends formulated to promote emotional clearance and self renewal.

Treat Yourself to an emotional cleansing with essential oils today!