Why Cleansing or Detox?

Cleansing is an excellent way to get a jump-start on a healthy diet. Experts suggest that participating in a mild nutrient and fibre-rich cleanse four times a year allows your digestive system to take a break from the high-calorie, low-nutrient diet typical of many people. As little as five days spent on a gentle cleansing program like can eliminate junk food cravings while cleaning out any residual waste.

Try the 5-Day Cleanse with Essential Oils

The 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse comes with everything that is required to gently and effectively rid the body of built-up toxins. This mild program utilizes three key products: Digest + Cleanse™, Balance Complete™, and NingXia Red® and tangerine essential oil.

  • · Digest + Cleanse™: a detoxing essential oils supplement containing peppermint, lemon, ginger, fennel and anise essential oils. Helps to reduce the digestive discomfort and bloating that sometimes accompanies high-fibre cleansing.
  • · Balance Complete™: Is a great-tasting, high-fibre meal replacement that contains orange essential oil. High in soluble fibres it delivers a gentle cleanse together with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Orange essential oil is high in limonene which helps stimulate the production of gluthione a vital antioxidant.
  • · NingXia Red®: Nutrient-infused wolfberry drink designed to energize, fortify, and replenish your body. Also contains both lemon and orange essential oils that increase the bio availability of the nutrients
  • · Tangerine Essential Oil: A beautiful aromatic essential oil. Helps stimulate the liver, helps prevent fluid retention and its calming relaxing properties are ideal as support during a cleanse or detox.

Other Essential Oils that assist with Cleansing and detoxing

  • · Di-Gize™: Provides valuable aid for digestive concerns.
  • · Peppermint: provides support for many digestive issues. Helps with elimination and cleansing

After Cleansing or detoxing.

Following a cleanse or detox, it is strongly advised that proper nutrition through a balanced diet and supplementation with quality products is undertaken. It is important that old habits are not re introduced and that a proper weight management program is introduced.

Essential oils can play a significant role in assisting with a healthy and effective weight management program

Healthy Weight Management with Essential Oil Supplements

Proper nutrition is a vital component of healthy weight management. Many individuals find it difficult to maintain an ideal weight and often turn to fad diets to shed unwanted pounds. The problem with most diets is that they are difficult to follow and, once finished, people often revert back to bad habits.

The only way to effectively maintain a healthy weight is by continually evaluating dietary choices and incorporating weight-management guidelines into our daily routine.

Using a nutrient-dense, essential oil-infused meal replacement is an excellent way to manage weight without leaving the body deprived of essential vitamins and minerals.

The Value of Meal Replacements

Meal replacements are nutrient-dense formulations that, when substituted for one or more of an individual’s daily meals, can support weight management. An easy solution for cutting calories without compromising vitamin and mineral intake, meal replacements are an easy way to incorporate healthy choices into daily routines.

There are Essential Oil infused Products for Healthy Weight Management

· Balance Complete: A superfood-based meal replacement that is both a powerful nutritive energizer and a cleanser.

· NingXia Red®: Nutrient-infused wolfberry drink that will energize, fortify, and replenish your body.

· Power Meal: Rice-based meal replacement, rich in calcium, antioxidants, and amino acids, that delivers 20 grams of protein per serving.

· Wolfberry Crisp™ Bars: High-quality source of protein.

· YL Manna Bars—Apple-Cinnamon and Apricot: Snacks bars full of natural flavors, nutrient-rich whole foods, and essential oils.