Emotional Health and Essential OilsThe natural properties found in essential oils produce a soothing, uplifting effect on the mind and emotions. When an oil containing the optimum level of therapeutic constituents is diffused or applied topically, the result fosters a sense of emotional balance and well-being. Studies in Europe have found that pure therapeutic grade […]


Why Cleansing or Detox?Cleansing is an excellent way to get a jump-start on a healthy diet. Experts suggest that participating in a mild nutrient and fibre-rich cleanse four times a year allows your digestive system to take a break from the high-calorie, low-nutrient diet typical of many people. As little as five days spent on […]

Lavender Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety is the worst. It is so bad that merely thinking about the word anxiety can make us anxious. How many other feelings can you say that about? There are also so many things that can make us anxious: social situation, finances, and our jobs. Anxiety can cause a whole host of issues with our […]

Aromatherapy Recipes for Depression

As the name suggests, aromatherapy is a type of treatment that falls into the category of alternative medicine. It makes use of essential oils that are compounds derived from plants. Most people associate aromatherapy for its use as a relaxation therapy, but it is also used to help relieve medical conditions. The antimicrobial properties of […]

Scents that Help You Sleep Better

Fragrances have the unmistakable power to make us relive memories. The human mind is capable of discerning thousands of smells, and every scent is associated with a particular memory. Each one of us, knowingly or unknowingly, has a powerful association with certain scents, be it good or bad. For instance, a whiff of lemon blossoms […]

Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil is one of my all time favorite essential oils! I love its sweet citrus smell. Maybe, it is because I was raised in Southern California and we had our very own orange tree in the back yard. I don’t remember the fruit from that tree being particularly sweet but oranges were definitely […]