Benefits of Lavender Oil!

The benefits of lavender oil are impressive! This remarkable oil will help you reach a higher state of wellness and a feeling of over all health! Lavender oil has been used for hundreds of years to calm and soothe the body.

Current lavender oil research has shown that this aromatic plant is effective against microbes and even fungus. It is also effective in helping surgery patients reduce stress after an operation.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia or Lavandula officinalis) comes from the Latin word “lavare” which means “to wash”. It was used anciently in bath water to help purify the body.

Most people are familiar with the wonderful smell of lavender. It is added to many bath soaps, body lotions and even baby shampoo.

In the United States the Pacific Northwest is the center of the U.S. lavender production. The Dungeness Valley located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state prides itself on being the lavender capital of the United States. There are other lavender farms located along the Colombia River in Oregon.

Many of these farms not only grow quality lavender essential oil but they process it right on location to insure its freshness. Many of these growers also market their own line of lavender oil products.

However, the best lavender oil comes from the high mountain regions of southern France. The farmers there have extensive experience growing and processing the highest quality lavender essential oil. They have the right climate and growing conditions.

Two lavender oils from different areas of the world may have after laboratory analysis the exact same chemicals present but one may be much higher in the most beneficial constituents.

More Benefits of Lavender Oil

Aromatherapists and herbalists use lavender oil to help improve the following health conditions:

  • Insomnia
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Fungal infections
  • Rheumatic ailments
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Headaches

Practical Lavender Oil Uses

Lavender can even be used as a natural alternative to chemical bug sprays. You can protect your clothes by placing lavender sachets in your closet or drawers to keep the moths away.

You can also use dried lavender buds to keep the ants out of your food cupboards in the kitchen. If you have a green thumb and would like to try your hand at growing lavender plants lavender attracts bugs that are beneficial to your garden such as ladybugs, butterflies and honey bees. There are so many benefits of lavender oil that it is hard to identify them at one time.

Add a few drops of pure lavender oil to good water in a spray bottle. Spray your pillows at night to help induce relaxation. Try this with children who have a hard timing falling asleep at night.

Also, spray your linens with lavender oil to freshen them up. Use this mixture on insect or mosquito bites for relief from itching. Even use it to spray on your pets to help get rid of fleas.

Lavender Oil Side Effects

Lavender oil is safe to use even around young children and pets. Caution should be used with any essential oil. These oils are highly concentrated botanicals. Avoid contact with the eyes and the ear canals. Use lavender oil sparingly; remember a little goes a long ways.

Lavender Information and Research

Listed below are summaries of recent scientific studies done on the health benefits of lavender essential oil:

  • A Chinese university study shows that correctly processed lavender oil has antimicrobial properties and may be useful in the pharmaceutical industry.
  •   A University of Coimbra (Portugal) study concluded that lavender oil with high levels of camphor is effective against fungal infections of the skin, hair and nails.
  •   A British study concludes that certain combinations of different lavender oils are effective against MRSA and MSSA bacterial infections and should be studied for possible use in antibacterial products.
  •    A University of Miami (USA) study showed that both mothers and babies were more relaxed when lavender oil was added to the baby’s bath water. The mothers touched their babies more and smiled more often. The babies in the study cried less and slept better after their bath.
  •  A Japanese study at the University of Chiba showed that lavender aromatheraphy is not only good for relaxation but that it actually helps increase blood flow in the body.