Health Benefits of Basil!

Discover the many health benefits of basil essential oil! You can improve and protect your health naturally and safely with this powerful essential oil. Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It is a great addition to your home medicine chest. Traditionally, sweet basil (not its cousin, Holy Basil or tulsi) is used […]

Benefits of Lavender Oil!

The benefits of lavender oil are impressive! This remarkable oil will help you reach a higher state of wellness and a feeling of over all health! Lavender oil has been used for hundreds of years to calm and soothe the body. Current lavender oil research has shown that this aromatic plant is effective against microbes […]

Essential Oils for effective relaxation

Relaxation is an important part of a daily regimen. Most people focus on daily work schedules, exercise, home care, taking care of children, and other personal chores for daily living. Relaxation should always have a part of your day, but most people ignore the importance of relaxation and rest. Resting the mind and body helps […]

Essential Oils for a good nights sleep

Having a fully restful night’s sleep is important for your body and mind. By limiting your sleep, you can ultimately do damage to your body and cause it to lose energy rapidly. Stress levels will also rise with improper sleep, which makes dealing with the day’s confrontations and people interactions more difficult. Using essential oils […]

Benefits of Lemon Oil

This Citrus Oil Will Put a Smile on Your Face! Lemon oil is made from the yellow peeling of the lemon. The peelings are cold processed and are not steam distilled like most essential oils. The peelings are squeezed under just the right amount of pressure to release the oil without damaging or altering its […]

Essential Oil Candles

Instinctively, there are certain scents that gravitate to the choice of my own perfume and scented candles. I think my favorite perfumes do wonders for my mood – especially after a bad day. The link between odor and emotion was attributed to the fact that the center of the essence of our body in the […]

Make Your Own Cosmetics

Aromatherapy Projects When local markets were not available or didn’t carry personal care products housewives made their own cosmetics such as soaps, lotions and creams. When big industry came along people began to look down on homemade cosmetics. The big companies used cheaper synthetic chemicals in their formulas. Synthetic chemicals can often give more immediate […]

Essential Oil Safety Guidelines

DO: Always keep a little olive or jojoba oil handy, incase the essential oil causes discomfort. Keep lids of essential oils on tight, they evaporate easily. Keep bottles out of sunlight. Sunlight causes essential oils to break down. Keep all essential oils out of reach of children. If a child swallows an essential oil give them milk or honey. […]